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WASHWOW (USB) | Portable Clothes Washing Gadget

- No Need for Laundry Detergent

- 99.98% Sterilization Rate

- Eliminate Odor from clothes

- Remove Chemical Residue

Best Kickstarter Gadget of 2019

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WASHWOW Lonic Soap White

WASHWOW Lonic Soap White

  • • Model: WOW-2001
  • • Input: 5V, 1-2A
  • • Rated Power: 24W
  • • Net Weight: 230G
WASHWOW Lonic Soap Pink

WASHWOW Lonic Soap Pink

  • • Model: WOW-2001
  • • Input: 5V, 1-2A
  • • Rated Power: 24W
  • • Net Weight: 230G
WASHWOW Electronic Laundry Ball

WASHWOW Electronic Laundry Ball

  • • Model: WOW-2101
  • • Net Weight: 275g
  • • Size: 112*112*90mm
  • • Power on Mode: Turn on when meeting water

WASHWOW (USB) | Mini Electronic Cleaner

  • • WOW-1901
  • • USB Version
  • • Working Time: 40 Minutes
  • • Rated Power: ≤10W
WASHWOW 2nd Generation | Portable Mini Washing Device with Wireless Charger

WASHWOW (Wireless) | Portable Clothes Cleaner

  • • WOW-1801
  • • Wireless Version
  • • Working Time: 20/25 Minutes
  • • Rated Power: ≤24W
Electronic Washing Machine Manual

WASHWOW (Wired) | Portable Washing Device

  • • WOW-1601
  • • Wired Version
  • • Working Time: 20/25/30 Minutes
  • • Rated Power: ≤26W



Lightweight + Portable

No Damage to Clothes

No Need for Detergent

Sterilization Rate 99.98%

0 dB Noise

How WASHWOW (USB Version) Portable Washing Device works


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The new era of Washing Machines: WASHWOW (USB Version) Portable Washing Gadget


WASHWOW (USB Version) Portable Washing Gadget has made a successful funding project on Kickstarter on the 22nd of June, 2019. This portable washing gadget is consumed to get a promotion to the clothing business.......

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