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What happens when we encounter damp weather? What to do when clothes are enough to change? It would be better if the process of cleaning were more simple and convenient. In this case, a start-up company in China put forward an idea of Washwow washing machine to clean and disinfect without liquid detergent.

Compared with common huge washing machine, portable Washwow makes washing machine not having any noise in the washing process, and it has a good washing effect with its simple structure. This is really convenient to be used at anywhere even your family members are working or sleeping. You do not have to worry that the washing process will disturb anyone even a baby. Just enjoy the washing step and make all your clothes clean and disinfectant at any time you need and you want.

A year ago, I bought a Washwow washing machine and found it was great. According to the official introduction of Washwow washing machine-Portable Washing Device, the volume is only 102 * 72 * 26mm, just as the same size of a soap. So it is really easy to carry, even to put it in the pocket of you pants. The way of using Washwow washing machine is also very simple. First you need to put the clothes together with Washwow washing machine into a pool or basin full of water, then the noble metal inside Washwow will produce positive and negative electrodes which will decompose stains by the active oxygen species presenting during electrolysis of water. This is why no detergent is needed.

In addition, you do not need to rub your clothes during the use of Washwow in the washing process. If you want to get a better washing effect, just properly flipping the clothes is enough. In each washing and disinfection process, it only takes about 20 to 30 minutes. Compared with the traditional washing machine, Washwow washing machine still has advantage of length of working hour. But as it is known to all, the length of time depends on the degree of contamination of your clothes. During the electrolysis, the formation of OH, O, O2, O3, On, HnOn molecules can decompose organic dirt into water, carbon dioxide and other substances. What is more, The hypochlorous acid generated in the disinfection process can play a disinfectant and antibacterial effects so that bacteria and dust mites will not be re-attached to the clothes.

Washwow washing machine uses water electrolysis method to wash and sterilize clothes without any moving part. It will not ruin your precious suit and silk dresses (deformation, abrasion and so on), even will not arise clothing faded, unclean washing effect, itching and other unpleasant irritation problems on your body. The size of the machine is similar to ordinary soap, together with the controlling box and other accessories, the total weight of only 410 grams. So this is why I take it to anywhere for travelling especially when staying at the hotel is needed.