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WASHWOW 2.0 Was Displayed in IFA, Berlin, 31AUG.-5 SEPT.2018

Believe that people who are tech fans will be quite familair with IFA exhibition in Berlin Germany. As one of the world's most concerned and one of the largest electronic products fairs in Germany, IFA has produced countless global smart technology products, not only for the future development, but also for global innovation. The leader of the creation.

At the IFA exhibition in Germany in 2018, 8.31-9.5, WASHWOW 2.0 was displayed on IFA exhibition (Hall4.2, Booth224). Here, you can not only witness the ultimate in class, novelty, and fun products created in China, you can also enjoy the fun and charm of technology.


WASHWOW 2.0 mini-washer, the active oxidizing substances that appear in the electrolysis of water can break down the stains on the clothes, and can be decontaminated without using washing powder or laundry detergent. And WASHWOW 2.0 also produces hypochlorous acid during use, and it can also sterilize and deodorize while washing clothes. A laundry artifact for traveling.


The above gives a brief introduction to the technology of WASHWOW 2.0 debuted at IFA. If you want to experience and understand the magic products more comprehensively, come to our exhibition area (Hall4.2, Booth224), there are handsome little brothers and beautiful young ladies on the scene to explain this cool gadget for you. Hope you will continue to pay attention to our WASHWOW2.0. We will record the wonderful moments on the scene and present them to you all. Thank you!