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The Best Kickstarter Gadget of 2019: WASHWOW 3.0 Mini Wash & Disinfect Gadget

WASHWOW (USB Version) Mini Wash & Disinfect Gadget is going to be a great revolution in the laundry industry. Now you can perform all your laundry tasks conveniently and healthily. This gadget weighs only 106g, thus carrying it along will not be a burden. So you can easily carry it during a business or family trip. This gadget will clean all your clothes without color fading or deforming. It is one of the best Kickstarter gadgets 2019 that will help users clean their delicate clothing without leaving any bacteria. So, are you ready to grab your own portable washing gadget? Well! Your wait is over as WASHWOW (USB Version) mini washing & disinfecting gadget is going to be launched on 8th May 2019 on Kickstarter.


A washing machine is considered a rough appliance to be used for your delicate clothes. Plus, the conventional laundry methods will leave behind the chemical residue on your clothes along with water pollution. But with WASHWOW (USB Version) mini washing & disinfecting gadget, you don’t need to worry about any chemical residue, water pollution, or bacteria leftover. This gadget is going to revolutionize your entire laundry work. All of you will be amazed to know about its early bird price 30% off ONLY on Kickstarter. The best part of this gadget is that it doesn’t require any detergent and you can easily clean your clothes without polluting the water.


WASHWOW 3.0 mini wash & disinfect gadget works on the principle of reactive oxygen species that are produced by the electrolysis of water for effectively decomposing organic stains, such as milk and ketchup stains on kids’ clothes. The latest technology of WASHWOW 3.0 allows the users to clean both casual and business wearing and keep their clothes away from discoloration or deforming. The manufacturer has tested all types of delicate clothes and all tests have provided 100% safety from damage. It means users can clean all types of clothes in this wash & disinfect gadget, such as silk, linen, cotton, and others.



When washing vegetables and fruits, it can remove pesticide residues in just 5 minutes. So, you can disinfect fruits and vegetables without leaving behind any chemical residue. It can also kill bacteria on underwear and bra. Its sterilization rate is claimed to be 99.98%. It’s a time-saving, portable washing gadget with stronger cleaning functions. Unlike the traditional laundry machines, WASHWOW 3.0 mini wash & disinfect gadget doesn’t produce radiations and chemical residues. No matter whether you are washing smelly socks, oily towels, or sweat-filled shirts, this mini wash & disinfect gadget can remove any odor. Simply use this gadget for 30 minutes and you will get odor-free, refreshed, and clean clothes.


You can get WASHWOW (USB Version) mini wash & disinfect gadget in a compact design with 88*88*23mm, only 106g/0.23 Lbs with early bird price with 30% off ONLY on Kickstarter.