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It Is A Great Honor for WASHWOW 2.0 Being Reported on Mingpao News in Hong Kong!

WASHWOW 2.0 - a portable clothes washing gadget without using detergent has raised the interest of Weijie Xue Mingpao News' journalist. WASHWOW 2.0 has already hit a very big market in Hong Kong, especially popular in young people.

Finished in a compact design perfect for taking with you on the road and ultra-convenient wireless charging, the WASHWOW 2.0 is the perfect solution for frequent travelers, over packers, businessmen always on trip, as well as for outdoor lovers. It can be carried with your handbag or even pocket. No worry to take it with you on flight.

Clean your clothes without any detergent! All you need is water and electricity! WASHWOW 2.0 is also a best choice for your lovely babies! It can sterilize and eliminates 99.98% of germs + bacteria no matter on baby's clothes or feeding bottle as well as toys.



There are many resellers in Hong Kong selling WASHWOW 2.0. Among them, Sunfar Hong Kong Limited is our General Distributor in Hong Kong district. There are over 2500 pcs of WASHWOW 2.0 sold in Hong Kong monthly.

Ever since WASHWOW 2.0 was launched on Kickstarter in this May 2018, our WASHWOW team has been very exciting and moved by the support and encouragement from our customers and resellers.

With the highly praise and expectancy of our customers, the WASHWOW creator Mr Bao and our whole team will keep on going and creating more and more eco-friendly and healthy products to make people life easy and fashionable!