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The WASHWOW 2.0 Team is very excited to have participated in CES 2019 from the 8th-11th January in Las Vegas. Our booth, that was located in the South Hall 1 and was no. #21255, attracted many buyers and we were giving demos non-stop! We got the chance to show our product to many tech enthusiasts from which we received lots of recognition for what they described as being a cool travel gadget.



WASHWOW 2.0: the portable clothes washing gadget, that doesn’t need detergent to work, was showcased at the CES, which is considered the Global Stage for Innovation.  It’s a gathering place for innovators on the business of consumer technologies to introduce their breakthrough products into the market. It has been working for 50 years, and it always attracts the world's business leaders and pioneering thinkers.


Every year, CES 4,500 companies showcase their technology whether it’s hardware, content, technology delivery systems and more. It’s also a conference program with more than 250 conference sessions and more than 180K attendees from 150 countries.


The WASHWOW 2.0 is a product that makes the life of travelers much easier. While on the road, for business or pleasure, the main problem is the fact that clothes get dirty and being away from home there is no washing machine easily available which quickly accumulates dirty clothes. This changes with WASHWOW, as their products easily help cleaning clothes.


It only weighs 265g, which makes it easy to carry in any luggage or handbag wherever in the world. It’s a great money and water saver as it only uses 1/6 water needed by a traditional washing machine, in addition, the WASHWOW 2.0 is able to charge with no wires, as it supports the iPhone’s wireless charging pad.


This portable clothes washing gadget is very easy and convenient to use as there are only 4 steps to follow and the option to choose from 2 different washing rhythm settings. Another plus is that it makes no sound, making it usable even in the late hours of the night without disturbing anyone. It helps clean and disinfect even the most delicate fabrics as silk and lace having a 99.98% sterilization rate.


For more information go into our company’s website WASHWOW, where we sell our products and have a FAQ section. We also have an  Indiegogo campaign where there is the option to contribute to our campaign while at the same time receiving perks by doing so.