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Away from Soiled Outlook, Washwow Mini Washing Machine Lets You Wear Clean Clothes at All Times


The most annoying thing in a business trip is dragging cumbersome luggage, so most of the people will try to bring less clothes to reduce the weight of their luggage. However, accidents are always with us. If one day you just get dirty clothes, but the next day you will have an appointment with the customer, what would you do? Wearing dirty clothes to see the customer, the customer must be unhappy. Then put your clothes into a washing machine? To be honest, not all hotels have public washing machines. Then take a dry cleaning? You are a stranger in a strange place, how do you know where the laundry is? The right solution is to bring this Washwow mini washing machine on a business trip.


Washwow portable washing machine is the secret to have a portable "dry cleaning". Washwow is a portable washing machine developed by our compatriots in Hong Kong, it is only the size of a soap, weighing only 300g or so, therefore carrying it does not feel a burden. In addition, the use of Washwow washing machine is also very simple, just wrap it with clothes, and then soak it in water, turning on the button for about 20 minutes. Yes, the entire process is without using liquid detergent. Washwow's built-in corrosion-resistant metal chemically reacts with water, dissolving stains on clothing with the active oxidizing species that is present in the electrolyzed water, thus achieving good decontamination without detergent or liquid detergent. It is worth mentioning that Washwow also produces hypochlorous acid during usage, so when washing clothes, Washwow washing machine can also achieve the effects of sterilization and deodorant.

Portable Electronic Washing Machine

The design principle of Washwow is originated from the precious metals which can produce positive electrode and negative electrode. These electrodes will induce chemical reactions during water electrolysis. Therefore, the water electrolysis will make millions of oxygen molecules to react to remove the stains and the hypochlorous acids on clothes, easily clean your clothes without any damage. All in all, the strengths of Washwow can be sum up into the following:


First, Washwow is easily to use and portable to carry to anywhere when you need to wash.It is simple!


Second, Washwow can clean any of your clothes without detergent or stirring so you have no worry about chemical residue on your clothes. It is clean!


Third, Washwow has no noise so that you can wash your clothes at any time without disturbance. It runs quietly!


Cheerfully, the second-generation of Washwow mini washing machine will be on crowd funding site Kickstarter this March. More surprisingly, compared with first-generation of Washwow mini washing machine, it will be produced with wireless charging and more charming outlook. If you often need to travel to other places, then Washwow washing machine is still necessary to carry as wearing clean clothes to meet your customers will make you more confident and make your business trip more convenient!