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WASHWOW 3.0 (USB Version) | Mini Electronic Cleaner

WASHWOW (USB) | Mini Electronic Cleaner

  • Specification
  • Model: WOW-1901
  • Input: 5V, 2 A
  • KW: ≤ 10W
  • Net Weight: 106G
  • Size: 88*88*23 mm
  • Instruction
  • Connect to AC power via USB cable
  • One Time Settings (40 mins)
  • Shut off automatically
  • Package
  • 1* WASHWOW (USB)+ 1*USB Extension Cable+1*User Manual
  • Package Size: 130*150*30 mm
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WASHWOW (USB) | A Portable Clothes Washing&Disinfecting Gadget 



With the electrolysis of water, WASHWOW (USB) can assist to very easily and quickly eliminate organic stains from clothing.  With it to clean your business and casual wearing in a high-tech gentle way, you can relax and say good-bye to clothes deforming or discoloration. All kinds of delicate fabrics are tested to be safe from any damage, including silk, lace, cotton, linen and so on.



Don’t just clean your clothes, disinfect them! This gadget has a sterilization rate as high as 99.98% ! Just by using water in the electrolysis technique, WASHWOW (USB) is able to disinfect even the most delicate article of clothing from within.


No Need For Laundry Detergents

This high-powered disinfecting gadget breaks water down into hydrogen and oxygen gas which can decompose organic stains on your clothes without using any detergent or additive.  


Remove Chemical Residue

Excess chemical residue in your clothes, from using detergent and softener, serves as a way for bacteria to expand.  WASHWOW (USB) can effectively remove excess chemical residues from clothes, so this is no longer a problem.

Eliminate Odor

No matter whether there is sweat smell on the armpits of shirts, damp smell on used towels or socks stink, WASHWOW (USB) can effectively eliminate any odor. In just 30 minutes of using this product, clothes will end up clean and odor-free.


Easy to Carry

Weighing in at just 106g/0.23lbs, finished in a compact design perfect for taking with you on the road, WASHWOW (USB) is the perfect solution for frequent travelers, over packers, and anyone looking to reduce their environmental footprint.


How to Use

Step 1: Put your clothes into water.
Step 2: Plug WASHWOW (USB Version) to AC power via USB cable. Turn WASHWOW (USB Version) on by pressing the button on the surface. 
Step 3: Place WASHWOW (USB Version) into water.
Step 4: After 40 minutes, rinse your clothes and then hang them out to dry.

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