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WASHWOW 2.0 | Portable Mini Washing Device with Wireless Charger

WASHWOW (Wireless) | Portable Clothes Cleaner

  • Specification
  • Model: WOW-1801
  • Input: 5V, 1-2 A
  • KW: ≤ 24W
  • Net Weight: 265G
  • Size: 76*76*48 mm
  • Instruction
  • Anti-clockwise Rotate at 45 degrees
  • Two Time Settings (20 / 25 mins)
  • Charging Hours: 9 Hours
  • Can Be Used 5-6 Times Per Charge
  • Package
  • 1* WASHWOW + 1*Wireless Charging Pad+1*USB Cable+1*User Manual
  • Package Size: 120*120*75 mm
  • Warranty
  • 1 Year Quality Warranty
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WASHWOW (Wireless) | A Portable Clothes Wash&Disinfect Cube


No Clothes Damage

With WASHWOW (Wireless) to clean your business and casual wearing in a high-tech gentle way, you can relax and say good-bye to shrinking clothes. All kinds of delicate fabrics are tested to be safe from any damage, including silk, lace and so on. There is no abrasion in using this magic technique to clean clothes, and it especially protects your high-grade clothes.



Don’t just clean your clothes; disinfect them! WASHWOW (Wireless) makes a 99.98% sterilization rate possible. Using water of electrolysis technique, WASHWOW (Wireless) disinfects even your most delicate clothing from the inside out without using any detergent or additive.



Weighing in at just 265g, WASHWOW (Wireless) is surprisingly easy to carry in any luggage or handbag wherever you go! So you can travel without the hassle of laundry.


Saving Water & Money

Without any laundry detergent, this means big savings! All you need is water and electricity. Wash clothes with only 1/6 water needed by a traditional washing machine.

Wireless Charging Technology

WASHWOW (wireless) charges without any wires. This means ultimate convenience for you. Forget about looking around for power outlets in new places!



Making no sound even when it is on, WASHWOW (wireless) is just as peaceful as it is convenient! So you can wash during late hours without disturbing even the lightest sleepers.

How to Use

How to Use

Easy 4 Steps to Clean Your Clothes without Hassle. 2 Working Modes to Choose, you can control washing rhythm at you will.


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