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How WASHWOW (USB Version) Portable Washing Device works

WASHWOW (USB) Portable Washing Device is one of the best solution for your delicated clothing. You don’t need to worry about color fading or any other chemical reaction on your clothing. During traveling, it can be your partner. Its mini size allows it to travel around the globe easily. You can put it in your luggage or in your handbag.
Average washing machines are unable to give you a quality washing in terms of small clothes, especially, undergarments. The WASHWOW (USB) Portable Washing Device is specially designed to wash delicated clothing like: undergarments and other small clothes that can’t be cleaned in the washing machine. You can wash your baby's clothes, bottle feeders, and toys with it. The most amazing thing is that you don't need any detergent to wash the clothes because of its advanced technology water of electorlysis. This technology has sterilized and sanitized function that you can’t get from any other. In its services, it can use to clean clothes, plates and other utensils, baby’s stuff like toys, feeders and their clothes as well.   Moreover, this amazing and well-functional WASHWOW (USB) Portable Washing Device was funded with Kickstarter in 2019. 
How WASHWOW (USB) Portable Washing Device works?
It’s super easy in use. You can use it carefree. There are only four steps that require the whole procedure and a specific time. 
Step 1: 
Put all your dedicated clothes (up to 1kg) into the water. The quantity of water should be as high that all clothes can be dip easily.
Step 2:
 Now, in the second step, you can connect the WASHWOW (USB) to the power by USB cable. Now, it’s time to turn on the WASHWOW (USB). You can see the only button on the surface by pressing the button on the surface. 
Step 3:
 You can Place the WASHWOW (USB) into the water and leave it in the water with the clothing.
Step 4:
After 40 minutes, stain your clothes. You can see a major difference; there will be no stains and fading. Hang the cloth and let it dry.
It will take only 40 minutes and all clothes will neat and clean. The WASHWOW (USB) Portable Washing Device is available on Indiegogo now. If there is any distributor or dealer that wants to sell this amazing mini washer, please just contact our WASHWOW team at