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Frequently Asked Questions

Guangzhou man xin Electronic Technology.,Ltd

1. Is this ultrasound?

No, isn't it. Our mini portable washing machine create a chemical reaction that the water is electrolyzed, the alkaline ion is produced in the negatine electrode to clean your clothes, and the effect is higher than washing powder.

2. Can I use this machine permanently? Or need an extra cost for replace or add something in the future?

Yes, this washer is a permanenty machine, unless it's broken. And Washwow's washing machine have 2 years warrantly.

3. I saw that this doesn't need detergent to wash laundry. Then can I use this machine permanently? Or need an extra cost for replace or add something?

Yes, our washer machine doesn't need detergent to wash laundry. It's a permanenty machine and have two years warrantly.

4. Hello, use this product to clean my baby's used silicone nipple and bibs, can achieve the effect of cleaning and disinfection?

Hi friend, Washwow portable washer have disinfection that reach up to 99.8 percent. You can use microscope to observe bacterium after wash your baby's silicone nipple or bibs, you will find it almost no bacteria.

5. Do I still need to add detergent into the water?

Hello, Thank you for your question. Washwow portable washer do not need to add detergent into the water, it's able to produce OH,O,O2,O3,On,HnOn and hypochlorous acid, so that you wash clothes. Maybe our link replace description that cause error, here our washwow service team say sorry to you. Our washing machine is a Non-Ultrasonic washer. Ultrasound can only clean the surface of hard objects, such as: glasses, precious can’t clean woven items, but washwow's washer can solve these problem, in addition, this washer has antibacterial disinfection and deodorizing function.

6. Will this be able to clean the grape and the broccoli? Broccoli usually come with a lot of very little bugs....and the pesticide?

Yes, of course. Washwow portable washer machine cleaner have 99.8 percent sterilization that clean a little bugs and pesticide. It's able to bring health.