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How much laundry can WASHWOW clean in one load?

We recommend no more than 1 kg (4-5 T shirt or underwear) of laundry every washing.

Can WASHWOW remove stains like tomato sauce or soy sauce?

Yes, according to our testings, it can effectively remove stains like tomato sauce or soy sauce.

Can I add detergent while using WASHWOW?

No. Please don't add any detergent while using WASHWOW 2.0. As it works by water of electrolysis to create reactive oxygen species which can remove the organic stain on clothes. It also can effective kill most bacteria on underwear. The sterilization rate can reach 99.98%.

Are there any fabrics that should not be washed with WASHWOW? Specifically, water repellent fabrics. I am concerned the process used might effect the water repellency on my clothes.

No worries, it will do no harm to any kind of fabric. It will not effect the water repellency on your water repellent clothes. We recommend to wash thin and delicate fabric like lace, silk, and cotton etc.

Will WASHWOW discolor my clothes?

No. it preserves your clothes’ color.

How long can the battery last on one charge?

Please charge WASHWOW 2.0 with wireless charging pad for 6-8 hours. After fully charged, it can be used for 5-6 times (20-25 mins for each time) in most common scenarios.

Is there any indicator light showing it has been fully charged?

Yes, there is a red indicator light on the surface of WASHWOW 2.0. When it is fully charged, the red indicator light will be on for long, not flashing any more.

Can I use the wireless charging pad of my iPhone to charge WASHWOW 2.0?

Yes, WASHWOW 2.0 can support wireless charging pad with QI standard at market (such as wireless charging pad for iPhone or other Smart Phone).

Can I take WASHWOW 2.0 in my carry-on package on flight?

Yes. The lithium-ion battery capacity of WASHWOW 2.0 is 6000 mAH (0.6 Wh) which is far lower that the limit standard of international airports. The restrictions as per the Federal Aviation Administration are for lithium-ion batteries rated above “100 watt hours (Wh) per battery”. Don't worry, just put WASHWOW 2.0 into your carry-on baggage.

Can WASHWOW 2.0 replace my automatic washing machine?

No. WASHWOW 2.0 is not a full cycle washing machine, so it does only the washing part. It will also not be effective for big loads of laundry and for voluminous pieces such as bed linen, towels, jeans etc. It will rather complement your washing machine to deal with small volumes of delicate fabric like silk, lace, T-shirts, underwear etc. which require a sensitive wash.

What is the main difference between WASHWOW 1.0 and 2.0?

WASHWOW 2.0 is the upgrade wireless charging version. Compared with 1.0, 2.0 has adopted wireless charging technology and doesn't need power cable while using. More convenient to use.

Does WASHWOW have quality guarantee?

Yes, WASHWOW has 1 year quality guarantee. If there is any question while using, please feel free to contact our service team at:

I'm a member of press media, how do I contact your team?

Please contact us at