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WASHWOW- An Easily Portable And Disinfecting Washing Device

Our life is highly dependent on today’s world technology. With the advancement in the technology it has changed our way of living, communication, travelling, lifestyle and many more. As new technologies with unique features are introduced every day, the demands of the people are also getting much higher. Introducing a new portable wash and disinfect device without the use of detergent named as WASHWOW Clothes Washing device.

WASHWOW 2.0 -this portable mini clothes washing device comes with unique features and was introduced in 2018 into the technology market. It is a great addition in today’s technology world and is safe for use. This device using the benefit of water electrolysis deeply cleanses the clothes. With the use of electrolysis phenomena, it effortlessly removes the stain or grease from the clothes.


This portable washing machine is great for business trip and other long trips. You can easily clean your clothes wherever you want by carrying this device in the luggage bag. So travel freely without the hassle of laundry.


Disinfects and purifies

The unique chemistry of electrolysis makes this tiny device to cleanse or disinfect your laundry. The process includes the breakdown of water molecule into the reactive oxygen and hydrochloric acid which keeps the bacteria and dirt away. The clothes are purified inside and out without any damage with the magic of electrolysis.


No use of Chemicals

WASHWOW is an environmental friendly device as it requires no chemicals or detergents to do your laundry. It is a natural process of getting your clothes cleaned without any need of artificial detergents. You don’t need to get worried abut the damage and the discoloration of the clothes by the use of artificial detergents.

Protects from Damage

Say no to damage clothes by the use of this portable mini washing device. The device has been tested on many different delicate fabrics like silk, cashmere, lace and is safe to use, as it cause no physical damage to your clothes. You can maintain the high grade quality of your clothes by using this device as there is no shrinking and no abrasion to the fabric.

Peaceful environment

This tiny device does not make any sound or noise and is beneficial for late night laundry routine. You can quietly do your washing without disturbing anyone with the use of this environmental friendly device.

Safe for infants

Infants and babies are vulnerable to infections that spread through bacteria or dirt from the clothes. This device is best to clean and disinfect the clothes from bacteria. It is safe to use for infants clothing as well.

With the numerus features of this portable washing machine, you can ease your life and save your money instead of buying detergents every week or month. The easy to carry feature and no use of detergents makes it the best money saving invention until now. Washwow 2.0 isn't limited to laundry. Use it clean unwashed produce, sanitize dishes, or even disinfect toys and other items frequently found in less than sanitary conditions.



Wear clean and sterilized clothes by using WASHWOW washing device!

So grab this tiny portable device from the official WASHWOW website in a reasonable price with a guarantee of high quality washing.